C.S. Lewis

I’ve read a good bit of C.S. Lewis, much of it before I started this blog. But here’s a sampling of some of my posts:

1. The Narnian, by Alan Jacobs: C.S. Lewis and the Downside of Apologetics

By Lewis:
1. Miracles: The Doing of That in a Day, Which May Ordinarily Take a Thousand Years

2. Reading, Fairy Tales, and Mental Health (Chesterton and Lewis)

3. C.S. Lewis on Poetic Language: An Easy Way to Introduce Children to the Concept of Poetic Language

4. Opening the Eyes of the Blind with Fiction

5. The Human Situation Writ Large: Christ’s Suffering in Mine and Mine in His

6. On the Planets – Summary of the Character of the Planets in Medieval Thought, Servant-Kings in the Sky

7. Mother Nature

8. Hedonics: Pleasure in unlikely Places

9. Beware the Unenchanted Man

10. Democracy is Medicine, not Food


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