Puritans & the Doctor

I like to read the Puritans. I like to read Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Here’s a sampling of posts on them and him (note that I include several posts on Jonathan Edwards, though he is not a Puritan ‘proper’):

The Doctor:

1. The Living God (an address given by the Doctor)

2. Sad Christians? No, Seriously Happy (this post is one of my personal favorites)

3. Under the Influence

4. ML-J on Politics: Entirely Negative Work

5. The Gospel is like Wordsworth’s Skylark

6. Honesty in the Pulpit

7. Stop Taking Notes!

8. What is Meekness?

9. ML-J’s Method of Pastoral Counseling and Diagnosis (this is a detailed post based on the writings of the Doctor and Iain Murray)

10. Expository Preaching as an Opening of the Text

The Puritans:
1. Preaching to Arouse Emotion (from Lloyd-Jones’ book, Puritans: Their Origins and their Successors)

2. His Doctrine Was All Application and His Application Was All Doctrine (Jonathan Edwards)

3. Quotes on Meditation

4. Isaac Watts on Improving the Use of Logic

5. Demanding the Sanctification of the Lost (MLJ and John Owen)

6. John Owen on the Requirements for Pastoral Preaching

7. John Owen on How to Pray for your Flock (and your Children, I might add)

8. The Sensible Presence of God, the Witness of the Spirit, and High Assurance (Owen, Guthrie, Winslow, MLJ, Spurgeon, etc)

9. Take not Thy Bible from us (John Rogers)

10. Henry Scougal on Faith

11. The Christian Sight-Seer: Enjoyment without Attachment (Edwards)

12. The Cure of Melancholy and Overmuch Sorry, by Faith by Richard Baxter

13. Isaac Watts’ Rules for Prayer

14. 20 Principles for Christian Parents (Richard Baxter)

15. Preaching for Edification (John Owen)

16. Jonathan Edwards’ Fountain Analogy of Creation

17. Jonathan Edwards on the Covenant of Works

18. Holiness is a Purpose of Salvation (Walter Marshall)

19. Interpreting Levitical Laws as a Christian: An Interpretive Grid (based on The True Bounds of Christian Freedom by Samuel Bolton)

20. Law (in Christ) and Law (Outside Christ) (Romans 8:2) (Samuel Bolton and Matthew Henry inspired post about the relationship of law and gospel)

21. John Owen, A Theology of the Sabbath: Summary, Part 1: The Sabbath as Moral and Mosaical, Part 2: The Sabbath in the Covenant of Works, Part 3: Christ’s Fulfillment of the Sabbath in the Covenant of Works and Mosaical Elements, Part 4: The New Covenant Sabbath

Explore the Puritan tag on the main page to see more.


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