Technology & Culture

Here is a sampling of posts relating to the impact and ramifications of technology on modern culture from a Christian perspective:

1. Always on Call: Being on call 24/7 was once reserved for emergency workers, doctors, and clergy. Not anymore.

2. Taking Pictures: Why do we travel: to gather images or to actually be there?

3. Writing, Reading, and Distraction

4. Delivering News: Thoughts about changes in the way news is delivered in relation to the proclamation of the good news

5. Letters: What are we losing as we lose the practice of writing letters?

6. The Clock is Ticking: On how universal time impacts our lives

7. Omni-Everything Through Technology: On technology as extensions of man

8. Big Brother in the Mirror: How social media has turned us all into Big Brother

9. Technique Over Truth: How modern technology has led us to value ‘facts’ more than Truth

10. AI, Bionics, and the Gospel: How modern technological innovations in AI and Bionics can lead to idolatry

11. Subverting the Imperatives of Technology: Technology says, ‘Do this and live.’ What can we do to cast off that burden?

For other posts, explore the ‘technology’ tag in my tag cloud.


Your Thoughts:

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